Datalyzer software

Datalyzer produces software for SPC, FMEA, OEE, MSA and CAPA.  We are the only company that produces software for both SPC and FMEA. Our SPC and FMEA packages can be integrated, SPC charts can be created in the Datalyzer Spectrum directly from the Datalyzer FMEA software.

Most people are aware that large multinationals use these tools to control and improve the capability of their production lines. To name a few; Datalyzer provides software to Coca Cola, Mars and Advanced Micro Devices.

However Datalyzer software is equally at home in small companies. It is easy to install, and easy to use. Datalyzer takes the strain out of running the system  and gives you the time to drive the improvements in quality and productivity that your customers are demanding.

We are friendly even if you just want an initial conversation call me on +44 759 839 1150 to discuss how we can help.

We know costs are a concern that is why we provide the software free for an extended trial. The value will be clear before you purchase.

Here are two videos that shows Datalyzer at work in SME.

 AFA are a world-classprovider of spray nozzles. Datalyzer SPC and OEE ensure they maintain that position.


Automotive Parts Manufacturer APM make critical, high quality parts fo automotive engines. Datalyzer SPC, FMEA and OEE is used to ensure the quality is maintained 24×7.