Efficiency now please

A giant panda enjoys a long lunch of bambo…again  Photo by Sixsigmasteve

There is a lot of talk in the news just now of how the UK plc is well down  the productivity table. A recent BBC article reminded me once again that the French are 20% more efficient than us. The article makes a good case for increased innovation and investment. Within manufacturing we definitely need more of these. What I struggle with and what is absent in the article is any reference to Lean. What about a step function increase in Lean? Lean pays off quickly, Lean really starts to engage the workforce. Why is Lean deployment not at the top of our improvement agenda? I am being driven to the conclusion that that the UK plc just does not get Lean and to change this will require hard graft and no small stroke of luck.




Author: sixsigmasteve

Expert in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. I represent Datalyzer software in the UK. Datalyzer software; Chosen all over the world for SPC,FMEA,OEE and Gauge Management

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