999,Reducing variation in ambulance response times.

Clair in the wars as usual. By SixSigmaSteve


A lot of us believe the NHS is struggling. An article on the BBC web site documented the efforts the NHS is making to improve the emergency response  of the ambulance service. For example:-

Old assumptions have been challenged; The Welsh ambulance service has redefined what is meant by an emergency. This has resulted in 90% less ambulances trying to meet the eight minute target time. Is this just juggling the numbers? For me a definite “no”. Meeting the target that you really need to meet, the “KPI”,stops you from chasing your tail trying to improve a metric that brings no real benefit.

Analyse the process; In the West Midlands they found that a lot of ambulance time was wasted waiting to discharge the patients at A&E. Deploying paramedics outside A&E allows the ambulance crews to discharge their patients and get back on the road. Analysing the process to discover where the largest amount of time was lost allowed West Midlands ambulance service to focus their efforts where they would have the largest impact.

Excellent work from everybody involved. Reducing variation improves performance in all organisations from the smallest production line to the largest service organisation.

Author: sixsigmasteve

Expert in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. I represent Datalyzer software in the UK. Datalyzer software; Chosen all over the world for SPC,FMEA,OEE and Gauge Management

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